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The Early Learning Council will consider formal rulemaking to amend rules governing vehicle use in Registered Family Child Care Homes (OAR Chapter 414, Division 205); Certified Family Child Care Homes (OAR Chapter 414, Division 350), Certified Child Care Centers (OAR Chapter 414, Division 300), Regulated Subsidy Family Child Care Homes (OAR Chapter 414, Division 180) at its June 22, 2017 meeting.

The rule proposes to establish allowable vehicle types, and provides options for types of vehicles and establishes conditions.

The Child Care and Education Committee, serving as the Council’s Rules Advisory Committee, conducted a work session on the vehicle rule in February and May, 2017. In May, the Early Learning Council conducted a first reading of the proposed rule forwarded by the Child Care Education Committee. The consensus of the council was adopt rule revisions following the public comment period

The new rule may incur a financial impact to those child care providers that are presently using a vehicle that is manufactured prior to 2010. They may have to pay for annual vehicle safety inspections as required by the new rule. The new rule should minimize the financial impact for providers as they consider the purchase of vehicles for use when transporting child care children.

Interested parties can access the Committee meeting agendas and materials at

The proposed rule was submitted to the Secretary of State as part of the formal rulemaking process and published in the June Secretary of State Bulletin. The public comment period closes on June 21, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Comments may be emailed to, or mailed to Lisa Pinheiro, Oregon Early Learning Division, 775 Summer Street NE., Suite 300, Salem, OR 97301.

Click the following links to view proposed rule language:

DIVISION 180 – Regulated Subsidy   DIVISION 350 – Certified Family   DIVISION 300 – Certified Centers  DIVISION 205 – Registered Family