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Self-Study Trainings

Safe Sleep for Oregon’s Infants

Set One
CKC: Health, Safety, and Nutrition
1 Hour

Thank you for your commitment to the safety of Oregon’s youngest children in your care. Safe sleep practices for infants may or may not be a new topic for you in your professional development. The goal of this training is to provide Early Educators with an opportunity to learn about safe sleep practices and to identify and prevent risks to the babies in your child care program.

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Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety (ICCHS)

The Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety training is a free, two hour online training provided by the Oregon Center for Career Development. This training is designed to provide basic health and safety training for child care providers in Oregon.

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (RRCAN)

Child care and early childhood professionals are among those who are required to report suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect in the state of Oregon. This training will help you to learn the process for reporting incidents of child abuse or neglect.

Serving Families Experiencing Homelessness

Set One
Families and Community Systems (FCS)
1 Hour

Sometimes all it takes is a series of unfortunate events and no safety net to quickly make a once thriving family lose their home. Whether this is occurring to a family that is new to your program or an existing family in your child care setting, homelessness has a devastating impact on families and their young children. This training will provide early learning professionals with an introduction to families experiencing homelessness and strategies to provide compassionate care during this traumatic time for these children and their families.

The training is a fillable, interactive PDF. Adobe Acrobat Required.  The file may not preview in your browser.  Download and save the file to your computer following your internet browser instructions to a location you can remember. Then open in your Adobe Acrobat product.