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Preschool Development Grant

Preschool Development Grant

Preschool Development Grant

Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (2019)

Oregon received a $4.2 million initial 12-month Preschool Development Grant in 2019 along with 45 other states. The federal Preschool Development Grant is aimed at building state and local infrastructure to deliver quality early childhood programs and establish stronger coordination and collaboration across program and sectors, including strong tribal partnerships. ELD’s plan accelerates goals within the Governor’s Children’s Agenda and the Early Learning Council’s recently adopted strategic plan, Raise Up Oregon: A Statewide Early Learning System Plan.

Through the initial Grant opportunity, which wraps up in February 2020, the Administration for Children and Families required all states to complete activities under five activities:

  • Conducting a statewide needs assessment
  • Developing or refining a statewide strategic plan
  • Maximizing parental choice and knowledge
  • Sharing best practices among early childhood providers
  • Improving the overall quality of early childhood education services

Preschool Development Grant Renewal (2020-23)

In December 2019, Oregon received notice that its renewal grant application was funded at $8.9 million a year for three years, for a total of $26.6 million. Oregon’s renewal grant application expands services for children and improves systems elements that are critical toward supporting families, children, and early childhood educators. More information on the grant is forthcoming.

Each Preschool Development Grant (PDG) B-5 Application is posted in the applications section to the right.

Coordinated Enrollment Process Evaluation Report: Year 1 

In partnership with the Early Learning Division and Early Learning Hubs, researchers from Portland State University and OSLC Developments, Inc. conducted an evaluation of the Coordinated Enrollment (CE) process.

What is Coordinated Enrollment?
Coordinated enrollment helps to ensure that all families are supported to make an informed choice about the care and education of their child through a simplified and coordinated process. Through coordinated enrollment, families access publicly-funded early care and education programs in their communities that are responsive to families’ needs and preferences, and that experience full enrollment. 

The Year 1 evaluation activities occurred throughout 2021 and included Early Learning Hub self-reflections, staff interviews, and a family survey. Evaluation findings highlight CE success and challenges. The findings include recommendations which will inform future CE implementation. 

Click below to download the report. 

What’s next?  

The CE evaluation is ongoing. In Year 2, the evaluation will be similar to that of Year 1, with additional activities to include voices of CE partners and Preschool Promise providers. Watch for updates from the Early Learning Division. 

For more information about the CE system, please contact:  

Anne Morrison, Coordinated Enrollment Manager

State Contact Information

Lois Thawley

Operations Specialist
O: 503-947-0676