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Preschool Development Grant

Preschool Development Grant

Preschool Development Grant

The federal Preschool Development Grant is a 12-month grant opportunity to build state and local infrastructure to deliver quality early childhood programs and establish stronger coordination and collaboration across program and sectors, including strong tribal partnerships.

The Grant required states to propose projects under five activities:

  • Conducting a statewide needs assessment;
  • Developing or refining a statewide strategic plan;
  • Maximizing parental choice and knowledge;
  • Sharing best practices among early childhood providers; and
  • Improving the overall quality of early childhood education services.

In December, 2018, the federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF) announced awardees, with 45 states receiving this grant. ACF awarded all states amounts that represent 71% of their original requests. This includes an award of $4.2 million to Oregon.

Oregon’s Preschool Development Grant Proposal

Oregon applied for approximately $6 million. ELD’s application accelerates goals within the Governor’s Children’s Agenda and the Early Learning Council’s recently adopted strategic plan, Raise Up Oregon: A Statewide Early Learning System Plan

The state goals for each of the five activities, and proposed projects under these goals are outlined in Preschool Development Grant Activities. Projects center on work that is both critical and feasible within a one-year period to build the capacity of state and local partners integral to expansion of high-quality programming and successful transitions to kindergarten. ELD’s approach relies upon a strong network of partnerships throughout the Oregon early learning system.

State Contact Information

Anne Morrison

Preschool Development Grant Manager
O: 503-378-2572