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Oregon Registry Online

Oregon Registry Online

The Oregon Registry is a statewide professional recognition program that records and recognizes the growth and achievements of early childhood care and education professionals. It does this by:

  • Recognizing the training hours, college coursework and degrees providers complete related to the early childhood care and education field through a sequence of 12 steps.
  • Providing a guide for future professional development.
  • Giving eligible providers money related to different steps they achieve  (Education Awards & Scholarships).
  • Promoting the profession while recognizing child care providers as professionals.

The Oregon Registry’s online component called Oregon Registry Online (ORO) is the statewide database that stores all submitted training and education and verify it for system use. The Office of Child Care within the Early Learning Division relies on ORO to track child care licensing trainings. Similarly, the Department of Human Services uses it for the Enhanced Rate Program. ORO produces a training and education summary for each person who has an account. This online component includes a training calendar and provides participants online access to their own training and education accounts.

Create a myORO account and find child care training offered statewide. 

Child Care Resources and Referral is another way to learn about child care trainings in your area. Visit the website of your local Child Care Resources and Referral or call for more information.

Oregon Registry Online Forms and Resources