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Oregon early childhood education and care providers, How can we support you?

The Oregon Early Learning Division (ELD) would like to hear from early childhood education and care providers and learn about their experiences during the last year (since March 2021).

The ELD is asking for your feedback on how to best support providers. Center- and family based owners, directors, teachers, assistants, and aides (whether currently employed or not), please share your experiences.

If you are eligible, you will receive an email with a link to the survey. Look for an email from “The Preschool Development Grant” during the week of April 18. Check your spam folders.

Survey deadline: Monday, May 31, 2022.

Questions? Didn’t get an email and think you should have?
Contact Denise Ford with ODI. Email: Call or text: 916-205-6851

Find Your Child Care Type

This table shows you the basics about child care options in Oregon so you know what questions to ask and where your type of care fits best.

Child Care Type License Exempt Licensed
Recorded Programs Regulated Subsidy Provider Registered Family Child Care Certified Family Child Care   Certified Child Care Center
What are the care options? Preschool programs that operate four hours or less per day and school-age programs that aren’t required to be licensed. Providers eligible for state subsidy reimbursement, but are not required to be licensed. Includes family, friends and some program with limited hours. Home-based child care program with up to 10 children. Home-based child care program with up to 16 children. Center-based child care program with number of children determined by floor space and number of staff.
Is this type of care regulated? UPLOAD CONTENT CHECKEDRecorded Programs:

  • comply with background checks
UPLOAD CONTENT CHECKEDRegulated Subsidy Providers:

  • meet health and safety standards (on-site inspections)
  • comply with background checks
  • are regularly monitored
  • participate in ongoing training
UPLOAD CONTENT CHECKEDLicensed child care:

  • meet higher health, safety and program standards (on-site inspections)
  • comply with background checks with Office of Child Care
  • are regularly monitored
  • participate in ongoing training
Which are eligible to accept subsidy dollars? No. Unless programs meet requirements for regulated subsidy. UPLOAD CONTENT CHECKEDThese types of care can accept subsidy payments as long as they are listed with Department of Human Services.
Which are licensed? No. These programs are recorded with the State. No. UPLOAD CONTENT CHECKEDLicensed child care:

  • keep attendance records
  • have planned educational activities
  • have a guidance and discipline policy
  • have a daily routine/schedule
  • are certified to handle food preparation
  • are trained in first aid and CPR
  • are trained in child abuse and neglect
  • participate in ongoing training on child development hearth and safety
Which are eligible for quality ratings? No. No. UPLOAD CONTENT CHECKEDEligible to apply for quality rating (3, 4 or 5 stars). Licensed child care:

  • employ staff who meet training and education qualifications
  • use materials, curricula, and activities that help child learn and grow
  • make it their policy to follow best practices in adult-child interaction

Determine Your Provider Type