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Vroom in the Media

Read what local and national media have said about the Vroom program:

    • 1-14-2016 — The Argus Observer covers the launch of Vroom by the Malheur County Cradle to Career pilot site. Those who attended found the event and the Vroom resource to be very helpful: “This was very informative,” said Chris Grace, the migrant seasonal farmworker representative who works at WorkSource Oregon. “I can see this as a good resource for the families.” Read the full article.
    • 12-2-2015 — The Deseret News covers the development of Vroom and how it’s more than a Smartphone app: “Vroom is more than just a piece of software. The app is part of a larger Vroom effort to offer parents simple ideas to make better use of their time with their child.” Read the full article.
    • 11-20-2015 — The Bend Nest parenting magazine discussed the Vroom app in their Tech Savvy section: “The app makes it easy for parents to access fun activities any time to make the most of these precious years. Daily Vroom enhances the things you already do and helps spark new ideas.  The app offers daily tips that are centered around five key features to brain development in young children: Look, Chat, Follow, Stretch, and Take Turns.” Read the full article.
    • 11-2-2015 — The Lake Oswego Review recently published an editorial from Megan Irwin, Director of Oregon’s Early Learning Division, on the value of Vroom for Oregon’s parents and the emphasis the state is placing on early childhood education:  “Gov. Kate Brown and the Legislature have invested $100 million in new funds dedicated to Head Start, mixed delivery preschool, employment-related day care and other important services. They know what science has proven: a child’s development from birth to age 5 is vital to their future.” Read the full article. 
    • 9-5-2015 — The Statesman Journal describes Vroom as “the human imagination put to work to help preschoolers develop their brains.” The article outlines Vroom’s offerings for parents and kids, including a free smart phone app and printed cards in English and Spanish. Read the full article.
    • 7-31-2015 — Forbes describes Vroom as “rooted in the belief — and the science — that every child is born with enormous potential and that every parent has the ability to help them reach that potential.” The article also notes that birth to age 5 (the age range that Vroom targets) is a critical time for a child’s brain-building. Read the full article
    • 6-2-2015 — The Oregonian describes the Bezos Family Foundation’s creation of Vroom and its partnership with the Department of Education’s Early Learning Division to ensure that “low-income and immigrant parents in the Willamette Valley, southern Oregon and eastern Oregon will receive materials that encourage them to interact more frequently and intentionally with their babies, toddlers and preschoolers.” Read the full article
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