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Temporary Rules Adoption: Some Child Care Rules Effective Immediately

On June 11, 2018, the Early Learning Division Office of Child Care received a directive from the Governor’s Office to address an urgent need to increase the availability of information to parents about the child care programs where their children are enrolled.

“One of the highest priorities as a state is to ensure our children are in safe, healthy environments so they have the opportunity to succeed and thrive…Families deserve to know when their child care facility is violating the law.”  – Governor’s Directive, 6-11-18.

In response to the Governor’s Directive, temporary rules were adopted by the Early Learning Council during their meeting yesterday, June 28, 2018. These rules were added to the General Requirements sections of the rules for Certified Centers, Certified Family Child Care Homes and Registered Family Child Care Homes to increase the availability of information about child care programs to the parents of children enrolled in each licensed facility. This is one of the first steps taken to better inform families.

The temporary rules will require providers to inform parents that they can access information about the child care program on the Office of Child Care’s website or by calling the Office of Child Care’s toll-free phone number. The temporary rules will also require providers to post all serious valid and serious non-compliance letters so parents can view them, as well as notifying all parents of any closure of the active license. Finally, the added rules will require providers to ensure that parents of children enrolled have viewed the current license certificate and the new certificate if any information is updated.

These rules were adopted by the Early Learning Council on June 28, 2018 and will be filed as temporary rules to be effective immediately.

You can review the adopted temporary rules here:

Documents and technical assistance information are being prepared to assist programs in complying with the new rules. In the meantime, please send your questions to Cheyenne Gardner at

Thank you for helping us continue to promote the health and safety of children in care throughout Oregon.

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