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All licensed child care programs receive a combination of announced and unannounced visits. Certified Child Care Centers and Certified Family Child Care Homes have an announced licensing visit annually. Registered Family Child Care Homes have a licensing visit biennially. In addition the announced licensing visit, all programs receive no less than one unannounced monitoring visit annually. If compliance concerns exist, the program will receive additional unannounced monitoring. The Office of Child Care also responds to complaints alleging rule violations in a program and reports of injuries requiring medical attention. Complaint visits are conducted unannounced.

 Licensed Child Care Forms & Resources

Child Care
Registered Family Child Care
Certified Child Care
  • Certified Facility Exception Request
  • Certified Family Child Care Home Checklist Sample (CRT-104)
  • Child Care Center Checklist Sample (CRT-122)
  • Child Care Center Infant and Toddler Program Checklist Sample (CRT-123)
  • Child Care Center Sanitation Inspection Form Sample (CRT-146)
  • Child Care Center School Age Checklist Sample (CRT-121)
  • Child Care Director Designation (CRT-153)
  • Child Care Emergency Drill Record (CRT-140)
  • Child Care Facility Management List (CRT-127)
Child Care Rules