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Injury Log

Serious Injury or Incident

Facilities must report a serious injury or incident within 5 days after it occurs. As of October 15, 2018 serious injury or incident is defined in OAR 414-180-0010, OAR 414-205-0010, OAR 414-300-0005, and OAR 414-350-0010 as any of the following:

• Injury requiring surgery
• Injury requiring admission to a hospital
• Injury requiring emergency medical attention
• Choking and unexpected breathing problems
• Unconsciousness
• Concussion
• Poisoning
• Medication overdose
• Broken bone
• Severe head or neck injury
• Chemical contact in eyes, mouth, skin, inhalation or ingestion
• All burns
• Allergic reaction requiring administration of Epi-Pen
• Severe bleeding or stitches
• Shock or confused state
• Near drowning

Exceptions include the following: Injuries for which a child is evaluated by a professional as a precaution; Injuries for which first aid is administered at the facility, but no further treatment by a medical professional is warranted; or Medical events due to routine, ongoing medical issues, such as asthma or seizures.

Updated January 11, 2021

Serious Injury

Injury Log

This injury log includes injuries that occurred at licensed child care facilities where attention from a licensed health professional, such as a physician, EMT, or nurse was sought. Facilities are required to report these injuries to the Office of Child Care within seven days of the occurrence.

Period covered: Oct, 2008 – Oct 15, 2018