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Child Care Safety Record

What is the safety record of my child care provider?

Child Care Safety Record

The Early Learning Division is developing a new website that will allow parents and the public to find comprehensive information about Oregon child care facilities in one simple search. In the meantime, you can find some safety and quality information on this website. If you want more information, you can call the Office of Child Care at 1-800-556-6616 and get the complete compliance history on any provider.

Here is a guide to the child care facility information available on this website:

Active facilities

This daily report shows facilities with an active license. You can search for the name of a facility or sort by name, location, or license number. Click here for the report.

Complaint history

Complaint history provides information on complaints made on a facility, only when the state finds that the facility has violated regulations governing licensed child care. This information is only for facilities that are currently licensed.

To get more information, such as violations that do not occur from a complaint visit, whether the provider has met training requirements, any fines, revocations or denials, call the Office of Child Care at 1-800-556-6616.

Emergency suspensions

The state can suspend a license when it finds an immediate danger to the health or safety of children. Click here for a list of licenses that are currently suspended.

Injury Log

This injury log includes injuries that occurred at licensed child care facilities where attention from a licensed health professional, such as a physician, EMT, or nurse was sought. Facilities are required to report these injuries to the Office of Child Care within seven days of the occurrence.  Click here for details about each serious injury that occurred at a licensed child care facility in the past year.

Child Fatalities

Child fatalities in licensed child care settings are rare. The Office of Child Care has listed the child fatalities that have occurred, at this link.

Aggregated reports

Find out how many deaths, serious injuries, and findings of abuse/neglect are found at child care facilities at this link.

Quality ratings

Spark is a star-rated program child care providers can choose to participate in. To search for a Spark-rated facility, click here:

To receive a full compliance history, call the Office of Child Care at 1-800-556-6616.

To file a complaint, call the Office of Child Care at 1-800-556-6616.

Active Facilities

Last updated: 12 March, 2018

The following report shows facilities that are currently active as of the date of the report.  This report is updated daily (Monday – Friday, except when State offices are closed) and may not reflect programs that have been added or removed from active status since the date of the report.  If you cannot find a facility on the list or to receive a facility’s complete compliance history, the Office of Child Care encourages individuals to contact us at 503-947-1400 or toll free at 1-800-556-6616.

Active Facilities