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Aggregated Reports

Aggregated Reports

Number of Deaths

Registered Family Child Care 0
Certified Family Child Care 0
Certified Child Care Center 0
Regulated Subsidy 0

Annual number of incidences of substantiated child abuse in child care settings

Registered Family Child Care 3
Certified Family Child Care 0
Certified Child Care Center 2
Regulated Subsidy 0

Number of Serious Injuries*

Registered Family Child Care 12
Certified Family Child Care 21
Certified Child Care Center 187
Regulated Subsidy 0


Facilities must report a serious injury or incident within 5 days after it occurs. As of October 15, 2018 serious injury or incident is defined in OAR 414-180-0010, OAR 414-205-0010, OAR 414-300-0005, and OAR 414-350-0010 as any of the following:

• Injury requiring surgery
• Injury requiring admission to a hospital
• Injury requiring emergency medical attention
• Choking and unexpected breathing problems
• Unconsciousness
• Concussion
• Poisoning
• Medication overdose
• Broken bone
• Severe head or neck injury
• Chemical contact in eyes, mouth, skin, inhalation or ingestion
• All burns
• Allergic reaction requiring administration of Epi-Pen
• Severe bleeding or stitches
• Shock or confused state
• Near drowning

Exceptions include the following: Injuries for which a child is evaluated by a professional as a precaution; Injuries for which first aid is administered at the facility, but no further treatment by a medical professional is warranted; or Medical events due to routine, ongoing medical issues, such as asthma or seizures.