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Become A Provider

Determine Your Provider Type

You answered “Yes” to at least one of the questions. You might be considered exempt from licensing requirements. If you are operating a preschool or school-age program that meets recording requirements, you will need to submit a recorded program application. See Recorded Programs for more information.

Child Care License Exemptions

Some types of child care are not required to be licensed with the Early Learning Division Office of Child Care. If any of the following exemptions apply to you, the type of care you provide is not required to be licensed but you may be required to record as a program:

  • I am providing care in the home of the child and all children present, not including my own children, reside in the home.
  • I am related to all the children I care for.
  • All the children I care for – not including my own children – are from the same family.
  • The number of days that I care for children is not more than 70 days in a year.
  • I am caring for three or fewer children, not including my own children, at any one time.
  • I am operating a program that is for school-age children, is focused on a single enrichment activity and operates for no more than eight hours a week.
  • I am operating a program that is mostly a group athletic or social activity and is sponsored by an organized club or hobby group.
  • I am operating a parent cooperative child care program. Parents of the children in care must provide care on a rotating basis and the program cannot operate for more than four hours per day.
  • The program is operated by a school district, political subdivision of the state or a governmental agency.
  • I am operating a program in a facility that provides care to children while the parents remain on the premises and are engaged in an activity offered by the facility or in other non-work activity.
  • I am operating a preschool recorded program or a school-age recorded program.

Disclaimer: This is an informational tool only and may not be relied upon for a determination of exempt status.  Please contact OCC staff should you have any additional questions.