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Kindergarten Ready

head start

Brain Building

Why is early learning so important? Decades of research has shown that the first five years are important brain building years that shape our children’s futures. Quality early learning experiences are predictors of health, happiness, growth, development, and school achievement. We want children to show up to kindergarten:

  • Ready to learn
  • Able to focus in the classroom because their social, emotional and cognitive development is on track
  • Able to transition from one activity to the next
  • Able to recognize letters and numbers, putting them on the path of a lifetime of literacy and reading
  • Make third-grade proficiency benchmarks, an important indicator of high school graduation

Parents and caregivers are the heart of kindergarten readiness. By talking to them, playing with them, and reading to them at home, you are helping young children be more successful in school!

Here are some resources for you to support your children: