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Early Learning Hubs

In 2013, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2013. The resulting statute authorized the Early Learning Council to create 16 regional and community-based Early Learning Hubs to make services more available, accessible and effective for children and families, particularly those who are historically underserved.

The Early Learning Hubs are directed by statue to accomplish three specific goals:

  1. Create an early childhood system that is aligned, coordinated and family-centered;
  2. Ensure children arrive at school ready to succeed; and
  3. Ensure Oregon’s young children live in families that are healthy, stable and attached.

Early Learning Hubs are helping communities achieve these goals through a “collective impact” model in which their primary responsibilities are to:

  • Develop a common vision and strategic agenda that is shared across five sectors: early learning, health, human services, K-12 education, and private sector partners.
  • Bring these sector together to align strategies and resources, and pursue collaborative initiatives.
  • Engage parents and families so that Oregon’s early learning vision and agenda is guided by family voice.
  • Coordinate services, communication and data sharing across sectors.
  • Measure and evaluate progress through a shared set of metrics and indicators.

Early Learning Hubs currently report on short-term metrics; medium and long-term metrics will be introduced and measured for years three and beyond.



Read the 2015 report to the legislature for an update on Hub progress, opportunities and challenges.


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