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Current Early Learning Hubs


Here you will find information for the 16 Early Learning Hubs in Oregon:

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Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub, Inc.


Coverage Area: Marion and Polk counties

Vision: Every child is safe, healthy and prepared to learn. Every family is strong and resilient. Early learning services are coordinated, effective and efficient.

Mission: To convene, collaborate, and catalyze action in our hub region to better align services and resources for children and families.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Lisa Harnisch
earlylearninghub.org Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Early Learning Multnomah

Coverage Area: Multnomah County

Vision: Every child in Multnomah County is prepared to succeed in school and life, regardless of race, ethnicity or class.

Mission: Eliminate racial and social disparities in kindergarten readiness and create opportunities for success by implementing environmental level changes that align programs, systems and funding in early childhood with a focus on children living in poverty and all children of color.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Molly Day
www.unitedway-pdx.org/early-learning-multnomah Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Lane Early Learning Alliance


Coverage Area: Lane County

Vision: The Lane Early Learning Alliance’s vision is a community in which all Lane County families, organizations, and neighborhoods are unified in an effort to ensure that all our children are safe, healthy, cherished and enter school ready to learn.

Mission: Our goals are to ensure that children are ready to succeed in school, that families have the resources and tools to create nurturing homes for their children, and that services and programs work together to efficiently and effectively provide what children and families most need.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Lindsey Hayward
541-741-6000 x109
 earlylearningalliance.org Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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South-Central Oregon Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Douglas, Klamath and Lake counties

Vision: Families, early childhood professionals, schools, business and faith leaders, healthcare providers, and others will work in partnership to (1) assure services and supports are readily accessible; (2) employ evidence-based/promising practices and innovative approaches that lead to improved outcomes for young children and their families; and (3) address the cultural and linguistic needs of at risk and traditionally underserved young children and their families.

Mission: To develop a coordinated, effective system of early learning services that equips young children with needed skills for success in school and in life.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Gillian Wesenberg
 www.douglasesd.k12.or.us/parents/early-learning-hub Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Yamhill Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Yamhill County

Vision: All young children and their families have access to quality, coordinated resources that support their growth, development, and a healthy life trajectory.

Mission: The Yamhill Early Learning Council will work collaboratively to support coordinated systems that are child-centered, family friendly, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and community-based to meet the needs of the Yamhill County population and communities.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Jenn Richter
www.yamhillcco.org/about-us/early-learning-hub Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Frontier Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Grant and Harney counties

Vision: The Frontier Early Learning Hub will create a roadmap for improving kindergarten readiness by increasing the number of strong attached families and coordinate an efficient system of early learning for Harney and Grant Counties.

Mission: The mission of the Frontier Hub is to coordinate access to quality early childcare education programs that meet the needs of children and families in the hub region.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Donna Schnitker
www.harneyesd.k12.or.us/e_c_c/harney_grant_frontier_hub Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Morrow, Umatilla and Union counties

Mission: The mission of the Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub is to bridge early childhood resources and facilitate a cohesive system that prepares all children for kindergarten.

Purpose: The Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub was designed to ensure collaboration and coordination between all early learning and early childhood (prenatal to 8 yrs old) entities in the areas of health, safety, and education. The Blue Mountain Early Learning hub seeks to increase services to children considered at-risk in order to promote Kindergarten Readiness and overall child and family well-being.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Cade Burnette
bluemountainearlylearninghub.org Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon


Coverage Area:  Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson and counties

Vision: The vision of the Central Oregon Early Learning Hub is healthy, stable, and supported families and children who are successful in school and life.

Mission: To create an efficient and effective early learning system to ensure all children in Central Oregon, prenatal through eight, receive the opportunities and supports they need to enter school healthy, prepared and ready for success.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Hillary Saraceno
www.webcohub.org/early-learning-hub Hub Strategic and Work Plan

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Southern Oregon Early Learning Services


Coverage Area: Jackson and Josephine counties

Vision: Southern Oregon Early Learning Services (SOELS) and its stakeholders are united by a vision of success for all young children, ages birth through six, and their families in Jackson and Josephine Counties. In furtherance of our mission, the Hub will coordinate the regional early childhood system and ensure that cross-sector collaboration, innovation, and efficiency ensure that every child in Southern Oregon enters Kindergarten safe, healthy, and ready to achieve success.

Mission: SOELS will significantly impact regional progress towards three state set goals: 1) Kindergarten Readiness; 2) Stable and Attached Families; 3) System Coordination. The highest priority of SOELS will be to further develop and support an integrated and cohesive array of services for families of children, prenatal through six years of age in the Region. SOELS believes the implementation of the strategies and activities described in the current Five Year Strategic Plan will result in measurable changes for young children and their families, identified as being at risk by virtue of economic status, adverse family conditions, developmental challenges, as well as language and cultural barriers will be offered services through a single, coordinated, high-quality, family-centric system of care and education.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Rene Brandon
 sites.google.com/site/soelscommittees Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Eastern Oregon Community Based Services Hub


Coverage Area: Baker, Malheur and Wallowa counties

Vision: The vision of the Eastern Oregon Community Based Services Hub is a seamless and coordinated system that provides equitable opportunities for all children and their families in Baker, Malheur, and Wallowa Counties to succeed in school and life.

Mission: The mission of the Eastern Oregon Community Based Services Hub is to create a coordinated system of community based services, from preschool through college and career readiness, to ensure all Eastern Oregon children reach their full potential.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Kelly Poe
www.malesd.k12.or.us/eastern-oregon-hub Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Early Learning Washington County


Coverage Area: Washington County

Vision: Our community raises strong, healthy children and families who are life-long learners, with equal opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential.

Mission: Together, Washington County Early Learning Community partners will develop and implement an early learning system that provides opportunities, services and supports needed to ensure children ages birth through six and their families are prepared for educational and life success.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Bill Thomas
www.unitedway-pdx.org/early-learning-washington-county Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Northwest Regional Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties

Vision: Strong Resilient Families, Children Healthy and Ready to Learn

Mission: To work collaboratively to support coordinated systems that are child-centered, family-friendly, and linguistically appropriate and community-based to meet the needs of the populations and communities of Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook counties.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Dorothy Spence
www.northwestelc.org Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Early Learning Hub of Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties


Coverage Area: Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties

Vision: Our communities provide an easily accessible and collaborative system of support and care for families that help children to grow up safe, nurtured, healthy, and ready for school and life.

Mission: The Early Learning Hub of Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties brings partners together to increase family stability, improve kindergarten readiness, and ensure service coordination that is equitable and culturally and linguistically competent.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Kristi May
lblearlylearninghub.org Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Clackamas Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Clackamas County

Vision: In Every Community, In Every Home, For Every Child, A Better Future

Mission: To create a high quality early learning system that integrates and coordinates efforts to ensure all children are ready for kindergarten, ready to read by 1st grade and reading at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Rod Cook
Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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South Coast Regional Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Coos and Curry counties

Vision: It is with a collaborative spirit that Southern Oregon Coast will move into the next phase of developing a system for early learning services inclusive of human, fiscal and community capital from Reedsport to Brookings.This process will begin with our Comprehensive Children’s Budget for the SCREL and continue to develop with the goals of having children ready for kindergarten, raised in stable and supportive families and having systems that are effective and integrated. Our most vulnerable population, our children, will only succeed with strong systems that share vision, resources and ultimately the responsibility for outcomes.We are charged with changing the trajectory of the 795 kindergarten students who will be the Class of 2025 from a graduation rate of 65-70 percent to 100 percent. This outcome will be accomplished with all sectors of each community in our region working toward collective outcomes to effect change.

Purpose: Our purpose is to develop a system that provides positive outcomes for children and families in our region which includes:

  • System integration and development across all sectors of our communities; assessment of current services for children ages 0 through 6 with strengths, gaps, overlaps and outcomes that focus our development of a comprehensive menu of choices for families; effective service delivery; Family Resource Manager functions being assessed and defined; cross-sector outcomes developed with implementation and utilization of developmental screenings (Age sand Stages Questionnaire-III); cultivating a strong Hub Steering Committee with inclusion of all6-sectors represented and providing Board training opportunities; continue to provide existing services support while transitioning to more regionalized services in the following years; relationship building within our communities and with regional partners focusing on a unified vision of the services children and their families require to achieve targeted outcomes.
  • Enhance development of regionalized services for children ages 0 through 6 inclusive of new, developing or existing outcome-based programs by providing: training opportunities, collaboration, mentoring/monitoring, and resource sharing to be successful; implementation of a data base system that is accessible by all partners within our target population, is cross-sector friendly and provides the data required to achieve measurable outcomes; development/attainment of fiscal resources through in-kind, grant and community fundraising opportunities that help systems continue services beyond the scope of our State/Federal biennial budget to achieve targeted outcomes.
Contact Hub Website Plans
Gerry Livingston
Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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Four Rivers Early Learning Hub


Coverage Area: Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler counties

Vision: Working together to give all children an equal start – across Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, Wasco and Wheeler Counties – we support existing programs and their growth, expand program proficiency and/or capacity, and align all supports for early learners to improve planning and communication between family resource managers and providers.

Mission: The purpose of the Four Rivers Hub is to improve systems to achieve better child outcomes and ensure all children are ready to learn when they enter Kindergarten. This is accomplished by developing and implementing a coordinated and integrated regional approach and utilizing community strengths, meaningful relationships and collaborative partnerships to leverage resources that will enhance early learning outcomes that support the State’s 40-40-20 goal.

Contact Hub Website Plans
Christa Rude
Hub Strategic Plan Hub Work Plan

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