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Sleep Accessories: What are the Licensing Requirements?
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Sleep Accessories: What are the Licensing Requirements?

 There shall be no items in the crib with the infant (e.g. bottles, toys, pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, bumpers), except a pacifier;

  • Swaddling or other clothing or covering that restricts the child’s movement is prohibited;
  • Clothing or items that could pose a strangulation hazard (e.g. teething necklaces, pacifier attachments, clothing drawstrings) are prohibited.


  • Pillows, toys, stuffed animals, blankets and crib bumpers can become hazards if they are able to block an infant’s airway.
  • Swaddling may decrease an infant’s arousal, so that it’s harder for the infant to wake up. Decreased arousal can be a problem and may be one of the main reasons that infants die of SIDS.[i]
  • If the infant breaks free of the swaddle, the blanket can then be available to cover their face and block their airway.

 Additional Guidance:

  • One-piece sleepers make a great alternative to blankets in the crib.

[i] American Academy of Pediatrics; Swaddling: Is it Safe?   clothing/Pages/Swaddling-Is-it-Safe.aspx.