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Exploring Licensing Rules
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Let’s explore the licensing rules that address some of the “outside stressors” in a child care setting.  As an Early Educator who cares for infants, you will need to follow these rules to keep your child care facility in compliance and to make sure infants are as safe as possible.

Sleep-related deaths can and have happened in child care settings.
Most sleep-related deaths in child care facilities occur in the first day or first week that an infant starts attending a child care program. Many of these deaths are because infants are sleeping prone [tummy or face down], especially when the infant is not used to that position.

After this section you will have the chance to look at scenarios that could happen in your child care setting and then see if you can recognize if the scenario is in compliance with the licensing rule.


Where Will You Find Rules For Safe Sleep For Your Type of Child Care Program?

For Regulated Subsidy Child Care you will find them here: 414-180-0070    Sleep


For Registered Family Child Care you will find them here: 414-205-0195     Program of Activities for Infants

                                                                                                                                                and Toddlers and Safe Sleep


For Certified Family Child Care you will find them here:  414-350-0240        Infant and Toddler Activity Plan

                                                                                                                                                and Safe Sleep


For Certified Child Care Centers you will find them here: 414-300-0300     Infants and Toddlers Activity

                                                                                                                                              Plan and Safe Sleep


In this section, we are not quoting specific rule numbers from any of the licensing rule books. Each type of child care license contains the same requirements for safe sleeping so we are going to talk about them as a topic. Later in this training you will have a chance to read the rule section on safe sleep for the type of care that you work in.