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Examine Your Current Practices

When I saw you I fell in love, and                  

you smiled because you knew.

-William Shakespeare

Examine Your Current Practices

 Imagine that you are sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby. He hungrily sucks from a bottle while you both enjoy exploring each other’s face and eyes. You are getting to know each other well these days. After several burps over your shoulder, you hold him in the crook of your arms again. You just can’t get enough of that marvelous face (he’s probably thinking the same about you). “I know this person”, he seems to say as he relaxes and his muscles become heavier in your arms. He starts to drift off, but wakes slightly, to make sure you’re still there keeping him safe. He falls asleep and you hear his breathing as his chest rises and falls. He’s finally asleep. You get up to put him in his crib. You are confident that you have made his sleeping area safe and free from all risks.