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Connecting to Health Care

The Early Learning Council and Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB) are working together to make sure all children in Oregon are healthy and ready to learn. They created a joint subcommitee to connect health care and early learning system transformation, and will integrate health care and early learning policies, share resources and align goals. By bridging early learning and health care, we ensure kids arrive at school having received necessary exams, screenings and home visits. Additionally, children most at risk of adverse life events need help and an early intervention plan.

The subcommittee, composed of members from both OHPB and ELC, will develop strategies, policy proposals and a timeline to ensure alignment. The subcommittee also includes Department of Human Services representation to ensure further integration. Key areas of focus for the subcommittee may include developmental screening, care coordination, and data/metrics sharing and alignment (including kindergarten readiness).

This subcommittee does not carry out policy implementation. Recommendations are referred to OHPB and ELC for decision-making.

ELC/OHPB Joint Subcommittee Updates

In March the ELC and the OHPB approved recommendations from the ELC/OHPB joint subcommittee. These recommendations included:

1) joint community needs assessment between CCO and Hubs;
2) improved care coordination between CCOs and Hubs;
3) inclusion of cross governance between CCOs and Hubs;
4) shared statewide developmental screening metric between early learning and health; and
5) shared utilization of OHA’s Transformation Center to align early learning and health systems.

You can find the approved report here.

For further information on health care in Oregon, visit the Oregon Health Authority website, or the ELC/OHPB Joint Subcommittee website.

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