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Central Background Registry Administrative Rules Revisions
Central Background Registry Administrative Rules Revisions

The Early Learning Council will begin rulemaking to revise administrative rules relating to enrollment in the Central Background Registry established pursuant to ORS 329A.030.

The Early Learning Division, Office of Child Care (OCC) administers the Central Background Registry (CBR) pursuant to ORS 329A.030. OCC conducts background checks on individuals associated with child care facilities. Subject individuals (defined below) may submit an application for enrollment in the CBR to OCC. OCC then conducts a criminal and child welfare (child abuse and neglect) background check on the applicant and determines whether the applicant is suitable for enrollment in the CBR. The enrollment period is two years at which time the individual must apply for renewal of their enrollment. OCC conducts a quarterly LEDS (Law Enforcement Data System) check of all enrollees in the CBR.

Revisions to rules will allow the Office of Child Care (OCC) to conduct FBI fingerprint checks in all circumstances as required by Federal law as a condition for receiving federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) funds. OCC can no longer access criminal information from other states without having fingerprint identification for all applicants.

Rule revisions also bring the OCC suitability factors for background checks in line with the Oregon State Police (OSP) suitability factors found in ORS 181A.195 since they were revised as a result of HB 3168 and to ensure OCC is meeting statutory requirements.

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