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Brain Building Oregon Website Launched
Brain Building Oregon Website Launched

The Early Learning Division to Launch Website Promoting Brain Building in Children

(Salem, Ore.) – The Early Learning Division with the Oregon Department of Education is launching a website, Brain Building Oregon, to promote brain building in children from birth to five years old. The new site features 12 resources that are meant to serve as helpful examples for parents and caregivers who are supporting their children and getting them ready for kindergarten. Besides parents and caregivers, the website will also prove to be beneficial to early learning educators who are looking to add brain science into their work.

Brain building is important in early childhood because the first five years of life show the most significant rate of growth for the human brain. During these early years, the groundwork is being laid for skills in literacy, language, math, and more. Brain architecture is directly influenced by our environment and relationships, which is exciting but can be intimidating for parents and caregivers. Brain Building Oregon is intended to build on parents and caregivers innate strengths and support them where they are by providing various resources. Those include:

To learn more about these resources and others, please visit our website and learn how organizations throughout the state are promoting brain building. Brain building is something that can easily work within your everyday lives and can make a world of difference to the children in your care. Everyone has what it takes to be a brain builder. Visit