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Tax Credit

Tax Credit

Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Overview

America is experiencing market failure in the child care sector. Economists describe market failure as a situation in which a market, left on its own, fails to allocate resources effectively and efficiently. Although child care providers are among Oregon’s lowest-paid workers, parents still struggle to afford the cost of care. Conversely, if parents want high-quality care for their children, the cost is often beyond their financial means.

By making a contribution to the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit program, an individual or company receives an Oregon state tax credit of 50 cents for each dollar contributed. Funds received through Child Care Contribution Tax Credits are used to financially support quality improvements for child care businesses throughout Oregon, support the early learning workforce, and children entering school ready to succeed. Contributors are ultimately supporting a statewide early learning system that is safe, of high quality and accessible.

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Available tax credit as of May 14, 2019:


For federal tax purposes, contributions to the Early Learning Division Office of Child Care may be eligible to be treated as contributions to 501(c) (3) charitable organizations. Contributors should seek advice from their individual tax advisers regarding use of credits and deductions for tax purposes.

Forms & Resources

State Contact

Sandy Gorsage

Program Development Specialist
O: (503) 947-3121

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to contribute?

Any individual or company with an Oregon state tax liability is eligible to contribute.

How do I contribute?

An individual or company can contribute in two ways:

  1. Make a cash donation by completing the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Form.
  2. Make a stock contribution by completing the Child Care Contribution Tax Stock Contribution Form.

How are the funds managed?

All funds are deposited in the state Child Care Fund, managed by the Office of Child Care within the Early Learning Division, and annually distributed.

How will the value of my contributed stock be determined?

You are entitled to a federal income tax deduction for your gift. The deduction is the fair market value of the stock you donated, which is based on the average price of the stock on the day that the shares are settled at the State Street Bank. The State Street Bank will calculate the fair market value of your gift and report that amount to the Office of Child Care. We recommend you confirm the number with your tax advisor.

Can I make a stock contribution instead of cash?

Yes, the Office of Child Care, who manages the program, has an account within the Oregon State Treasury at the State Street Bank & Trust. For assistance, please call Sandy Gorsage at 503-947-3121 or email

How do I make a stock transfer?

In order for the Office of Child Care to accept the stock, we must authorize our broker to accept the transaction. Either you or your broker will need to contact Sandy Gorsage at 503-947-3121 or email and provide the information on the Child Care Contribution Stock Contribution Form.

How do I claim the credit?

The Office of Child Care will compute your allowable tax credit and give you a certificate. Enter the tax credit amount from the certificate on the ‘other credits’ line on your tax return along with the tax credit code 705. Your charitable contribution to the Child Care Fund can also be claimed as a deduction on your federal tax return. If you itemize your deductions for Oregon, you cannot claim both the federal charitable contribution and the Oregon tax credit.

If you claim your entire Child Care Fund contribution as an itemized deduction on your federal Schedule A, you must add back the amount of the credit to Oregon income as an ‘other addition’ on your Oregon personal or corporate tax return.

Example: Fern made a contribution to the Child Care fund in the amount of $10,000. On her Oregon return she will claim a credit of $5,000 for her contribution (she is limited to 50 percent of her contribution, or her tax liability, in any given year). If Fern claims the $10,000 contribution as an itemized deduction on her federal Schedule A, she must add back the amount of the credit ($5,000) to her Oregon income as an ‘other addition.’

How to request a refund?

If you need to request a refund for your contributions, please complete and submit the Child Care Contribution Tax Refund Form.

Dependent Care Tax Credit

The Oregon Employer Provided Dependent Care Tax Credit has sunset as of December 31, 2015. The Early Learning Division will no longer issue certificates starting with tax year 2016. The Early Learning Division does not give tax advice and we encourage individuals to speak to an accountant or tax consultant for more information.