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COVID-19 Grants

NOTE: Emergency child care grant payments may be taxable. Please consult your tax professional, if you have an income tax questions or concerns.

A new 1099-NEC form for reporting non-employee compensation was introduced by the IRS for 2020. The State of Oregon will mail 1099-NEC forms to applicable child care providers in January of each calendar year showing the amount of grant funds disbursed to your child care facility for the subject tax year.

Please submit a new Form W-9 if you made any changes to your name, business name, address, Social Security number, or employer identification number (EIN). Please refer to the W-9 guide.

Child Care Stabilization Fund

Congress allocated funds through the American Rescue Plan Act to support child care providers following the pandemic. Oregon received approximately $250 million in child care stabilization funds. The funds were given to states with specific requirements around applications and distributing the funds.

When will Oregon providers receive more grant funding?

Providers can expect to apply for additional funding in mid-September from the Child Care Stabilization Fund. Grant applications will be posted on the Early Learning Division website. All applicants who meet the requirements will receive funding.

Click below to learn more about the stabilization grants.

Contact us at or 971-707-2029.

Visit for an archive of all Emergency Child Care Grants.