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Archive of COVID-19 Resources

In March 2020, the nation experienced the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, the Early Learning Division (ELD) was committed to supporting the health and safety of children, families, and child care providers. On March 23, 2020, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12. The order required child care providers to close unless providing Emergency Child Care.

ELD recognizes that child care is essential. We are grateful for Oregon child care providers who worked tirelessly to serve young children and families during this critical time. Oregon is now focused on COVID-19 recovery. The below archive pages include documents from the emergency response period. 


Since March 2020, under Oregon’s declared COVID-19 state of emergency, the Early Learning Division (ELD) has provided an expedited Emergency Background Check (EBC) process and an expedited Emergency Child Care (ECC) licensing process. ECC is defined in Executive Order 20-19.

As COVID-19 rates continue to drop, we are entering a new chapter of the pandemic. Oregon is now transitioning from emergency response to focus on COVID-19 recovery. ECC facilities, including Temporary Unlicensed ECC, may remain open and individuals with EBC approval may remain employed beyond June 28, 2021.

ELD will continue to notify child care providers of any updates. If you have any questions, please contact your licensing specialist, email, or call 503-947-1400 or 1-800-556-6616.


The Emergency Background Check (EBC) program will end on December 31, 2021 with the end of Governor Brown’s State of Emergency.

After December 31, 2021, individuals that currently hold an EBC approval must be conditionally or actively enrolled in the CBR in order to remain employed at a licensed child care program. The CBR enrollment process can be lengthy, and we encourage individuals to submit their CBR applications as soon as possible to avoid delays. Click here for more information on the requirements for enrolling in the Central Background Registry.

In order to enroll in the CBR you can apply online or download an application at The application is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Please contact us with questions at 503-947-1400 or 1-800-556-6616.

Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate Effective August 13

With a recent increase in COVID-19 cases due the Delta variant and hospitalizations in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown announced on August 11 a statewide indoor mask mandate will be effective Friday, August 13. This mandate requires all Oregonians ages 5 and up to wear face coverings in all indoor public places regardless of vaccination status.

Following this mandate, face coverings are required for all children ages 5 and up, staff members, and other adults (including parents and family members) while indoors at child care facilities starting August 13. The Early Learning Division and Oregon Health Authority will release updated guidance to reflect this new mandate. Together, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

*UPDATE* Following the governor’s indoor mask requirement for indoor face coverings, ELD has received additional clarity that child care programs will only need to implement this face covering requirement for school-age care beginning at kindergarten. This means that children in 0 to 5 preschool programs, particularly classrooms with 3- to 5-year-olds, will not have to wear a face covering. If a child is attending kindergarten (or other grade levels), they are required to wear a mask. Note: The federal law requiring face coverings on public transportation, including school buses, applies to children two and up.

If you have questions, please contact your licensing specialist or email us at