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PSP_0731_Mrs. Fields’ Place Childcare & Preschool_R

PSP_0741_Beaverton School District

PSP_0745_Momma Lupe’s Preschool and Daycare

PSP_0746_Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization

PSP_0749_Reach for the Stars Learning and Preschool

PSP_0750_Active Learning Academy

PSP_0757_Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization (CAIRO)

PSP_0759_Juniper Berry Playschool

PSP_0762_Bobbi Ann Corwin

PSP_0764_Young People Dreamers and Achievers

PSP_0766_Strengthening Rural Families

PSP_0767_Manzanita Bilingual School

PSP_0769_Dayville School District 16J

PSP_0772_Gladstone School District

PSP_0777_Gifted Gardens Montessori

PSP_0781_Monument School

PSP_0787_Prairie City School District 4

PSP_0798_Elle’s Preschool and Daycare

PSP_0038_Primeros Amigos_R

PSP_0035_Little Lamb Daycare and Preschool_R.

PSP_0729_Sheridan School District

PSP_0724_Nurture and Bloom

PSP_0723_Chayitos Childcare_R

PSP_0720_Lulu’s Day Care_R

PSP_0719_Habiba Child Care

PSP_0716_Epi’s Little Flowers Growing & Learning_R

PSP_0715_Jan’s Daycare_R

PSP_0714_The Finch Academy

PSP_0709_Monkey Tree Learning Center

PSP_0708_Little Wonders Child Care and Preschool Inc

PSP_0703_Forest Grove School District

PSP_0695_Long Creek School District

PSP_0694_Brockway Elementary

PSP_0689_Lane Child and Family Center

PSP_0669_Masterminds Preschool

PSP_0667_Jamie’s Daycare_R

PSP_0666_Elkton School District #34

PSP_0661_Lumi’s Day Care_R

PSP_0653_The Little Train Preschool and Infant Care_R

PSP_0651_The Garden of Bloom

PSP_0649_Sutherlin School District

PSP_0646_Rocio’s Child Day Care_R

PSP_0645_Umatilla-Morrow Head Start, Inc

PSP_0644_Umatilla-Morrow Head Start, Inc

PSP_0642_Generation Montessori Bilingual Child Care LLC_R

PSP_0640_Elenas Daycare_R

PSP_0636_Adelante Mujeres

PSP_0633_Oregon Trail School District

PSP_0632_Multitude of Mercies

PSP_0630_Village Childcare

PSP_0629_Astoria School District

PSP_0628_Mentes Creativas Childcare LLC

PSP_0613_First Steps Bilingual Preschool Child Care LLC

PSP_0606_Children’s Elite HomeP

SP_0605_Little Llamas Daycare_R

PSP_0591_Sugarloaf Community Association

PSP_0589_Sunshine Early Learning Childcare Center

PSP_0588_YMCA of Columbia Willamette

PSP_0586_Vidal Daycare and Preschool LLC

PSP_0585_Osorio’s Kids

PSP_0580_Maryam’s Preschoo

lPSP_0579_North Santiam School District

PSP_0577_Rose Daily Daycare_R

PSP_0575_Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

PSP_0570_Bend Preschool

PSP_0554_Twinkle Stars Daycare_R

PSP_0549_Priceless Tresaures Preschool and Childcare

PSP_0547_Eastern Oregon University Head Start

PSP_0546_Malheur County Child Development Center

PSP_0536_FACES of America

PSP_0534_Greater Albany Public Schools

PSP_0532_Gosia’s Daycare

PSP_0531_Yachats Youth and Family Activities Program Inc

PSP_0526_Lovely Kids Daycare LLC_R

PSP_0524_Tigard-Tualitin School District

PSP_0523_Community Action Team Inc

PSP_0518_Jefferson County School District 509-J

PSP_0515_South Coast Head Start Oregon Coast Community Action

PSP_0514_Giggles & Grace Early Learning Center Inc

PSP_0512_Harmony Montessori School

PSP_0511_Active Learning Center LLC

PSP_0504_Learning Days Inc_R

PSP_0497_Awesome Blossom Child Care_R

PSP_0496_Itsy Bitsy Daycare

PSP_0489_Roxy’s Preschool and Daycare, LLC

PSP_0488_Samaritan Early Learning Center

PSP_0485_North Douglas School District #22

PSP_0483_MightyHearts Preschool

PSP_0482_MoutainStar Family Relief Nursery

PSP_0476_Heather’s Little Darlings Daycare

PSP_0475_The Portland Montessori School

PSP_0474_Ermila’s Childcare and Bilingual Preschool_R

PSP_0473_It’s Learning Time LLC_R

PSP_0472_Parkrose Montessori School


PSP_0466_Mia’s Sprouts LLC_R

PSP_0463_Junction City School District

PSP_0462_Analuisa Ayla

PSP_0458_Ms. Julie’s Place, LLC Preschool & After School Care

PSP_0455_Western Oregon University Child Development Center

PSP_0454_GSR Community Support Childcare Center

PSP_0451_Silly Billies Child Care

PSP_0449_The Ivy School

PSP_0447_Seaside School District

PSP_0446_Kids Unlimited of Oregon

PSP_0443_Education Explorers LLC

PSP_0440_La Escuelita Childcare, LLC

PSP_0436_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0435_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0434_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0433_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0432_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0431_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0428_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0425_The Gingerbread House Early Learning Center and Daycare


PSP_0414_Pixie Child Care

PSP_0412_Yoncalla School District

PSP_0411_Neighbors For Kids

PSP_0397_Little Professors Preschool LLC_R

PSP_0394_Oregon Child Development Coalition

PSP_0385_Loving Beginnings Childcare and Preschool

PSP_0373_Neverland Nursery School and Prekindergarten LLC_R

PSP_0363_Gervais School District

PSP_0360_Eva’s Child Care LLC

PSP_0353_Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy

PSP_0346_Xochipillan Preschool and Child Care

PSP_0344_Klamath Family Head Start

PSP_0343_Divinity’s Place_R

PSP_0342_Picket Fence Preschool, LLC_R

PSP_0335_McKenzie Montessori Institute

PSP_0332_La Esperanza Daycare

PSP_0331_First Slavic Baptist Church

PSP_0330_Here We Grow Preschool LLC

PSP_0329_Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education

PSP_0326_Southern Oregon Child & Family Council, Inc.

PSP_0322_Nestucca Valley School District

PSP_0321_Woodburn School District

PSP_0319_University of Oregon

PSP_0317_Portland Public Schools

PSP_0315_love and care_R

PSP_0310_Eastern Oregon University Head Start

PSP_0305_Mt Hood Community College Head Start

PSP_0300_Mary’s Guarderia y Preescolar

PSP_0294_Silver Falls School District

PSP_0290_Jewell School District

PSP_0287_Parkrose School District

PSP_0280_Arce’s Daycare

PSP_0276_InterMountain ESD

PSP_0274_My Little Rainbow Child Care_R

PSP_0273_Cheerful Hearts Child Care_R

PSP_0271_TenderLoving Childcare

PSP_0264_Critter Campus Preschool and Child Care

PSP_0262_Sisters Christian Academy Child Care Center Wellspring Preschool

PSP_0257_Peace Village Childcare

PSP_0256_Blossom Hills Early Learning Center

PSP_0252_Jardin Infantil Manitas Inquietas

PSP_0251_Neighborhood House

PSP_0250_St Helens School District

PSP_0249_Little Manuel

PSP_0248_Malheur Edication Service District

PSP_0247_Pioneer Relief Nursery

PSP_0246_Great Beginnings_R

PSP_0245_Imagine That Creative Children’s Centers

PSP_0243_Exploradores Spanish Immersion Daycare

PSP_0239_Little Hands Pequenas Manos Bilingual Educational Care

PSP_0235_Old Mill Center for Children and Families Inc

PSP_0233_The YMCA of Klamath Falls

PSP_0218_Klamath Falls City Schools

PSP_0214_The Salvation Army Salem Kroc Center

PSP_0210_David Douglas School District

PSP_0209_Myrtle Point School District

PSP_0208_Mom Cachito’s Day Care_R

PSP_0207_Little Hands Childcare and Preschool LLC_R

PSP_0200_Early Start Daycare_R

PSP_0193_Marion and Polk Early Learning Hub Inc

PSP_0192_Wildflower Child Care_R

PSP_0184_Roots and Wings Child Development

PSP_0183_Kukitas Child Care_R

PSP_0182_Alegres Sonrisas_R

PSP_0181_Miss Melissa’s Preschool

PSP_0174_Maria Jarquin

PSP_0173_Lil Hands Daycare

PSP_0172_Nic Nacs Quality Childcare_R

PSP_0171_Preescolar Day Care Jalisco

PSP_0165_Hudson Park Elementary

PSP_0161_AURAS Preschool_R

PSP_0159_Rocking Horse Childcare and Preschool_R

PSP_0154_Cub House

PSP_0153_Espiral Child Environment LLC_R

PSP_0152_Rosa Delia Preschool

PSP_0144_Simply Kids Preschool

PSP_0141_Nonnie’s Village

PSP_0138_Little Explorer Montessori

PSP_0136_Sisters Elementary School

PSP_0134_Caminito a la Escuela

PSP_0132_Education Explorers LLC_R

PSP_0127_Seeds of Greatness Daycare_R

PSP_0125_Sunny Wolf Charter School

PSP_0122_Eugene School District

PSP_0118_Mid-Willamette Family YMCA

PSP_0117_Happy Munchkins Preschool and Childcare_R

PSP_0114_Child’s View Montessori School

PSP_0113_All Families Welcome LLC

PSP_0108_Bend Montessori School

PSP_0107_YMCA Preschool

PSP_0106_Giggle Monsters Daycare and Preschool

PSP_0103_Little Wolverines Preschool

PSP_0100_Hey Diddle Diddle Learning Center

PSP_0098_South Umpqua School District

PSP_0096_Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians

PSP_0093_Mommy Daycare Just Like Home Childcare_R

PSP_0091_Harney ESD

PSP_0090_Happy Valley Montessori School

PSP_0089_Athena Weston School District #29RJ

PSP_0086_North Central ESD

PSP_0085_Relief Nursery Inc

PSP_0083_Bright Beginnings Learning Center

PSP_0081_Laugh N Learn Academy Daycare

PSP_0076_Precious Cargo Preschool and Daycare

PSP_0068_Salem Keizer School District

PSP_0065_Lincoln County School District

PSP_0064_New Sunrise_R

PSP_0062_Dayton School District

PSP_0061_Springfield Public School District 19

PSP_0060_Island Adventures Childcare and Preschool

PSP_0059_Nyssa School District

PSP_0056_La Casa del Arbol_R

PSP_0052_Sunrise Child Care_R

PSP_0050_Portland Community College

PSP_0046_Happy Faces Child Care Development LLC_R

PSP_0045_Kidz Academy

PSP_0042_Cuevas child care_R

PSP_0040_Amazing Minds Child Development Center and PReschool Inc

PSP_0036_Columbia Gorge ESD

PSP_0033_Little Tots Daycare and Preschool

PSP_0030_South Lane School District

PSP_0028_Kids Cafe

PSP_0027_Mariela’s Day Care_R

PSP_0092_Pequenitos Day Care LLC_R

PSP_0109_Gilchrist School

PSP_0128_Mi Pequena Oruga_R

PSP_0146_Hillsboro School District

PSP_0162_Sunshine Preschool and All Day Camp Inc_R

PSP_0240_Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization

PSP_0241_The Klamath Tribes

PSP_0276_InterMountain ESD

PSP_0286_Mid-Columbia Children’s Council

PSP_0292_Jardin de Ninos_R

PSP_0313_Estrellitas Childcare LLC_R

PSP_0318_Umatilla-Morrow Head Start Inc_R

PSP_0350_The Family Nurturing Center

PSP_0384_Forest Grove Montessori

PSP_0498_Playful Learning_R

PSP_0533_Lorenza’s Childcare_R

PSP_0553_Yoyo’s Child Care

PSP_0573_Kid Time Discovery Experience Learning Loft Preschool

PSP_0593_Playtime Education

PSP_0624_Nana’s Daycare_R

PSP_0654_Little Ants Child Care Inc

PSP_0663_Owl’s Nest Academy_R

PSP_0677_Little Angels Day Care LLC_R

PSP_0684_Campanitas Daycare LLC_R

PSP_0711_Coos Bay Public Schools

PSP_0738_Little Smiles by Jennifer Chalton_R